Personal Training and CrossFit In Downtown Austin TX

What do clients look for in a gym? For starters, most people want an environment that’s welcoming and vibrant and motivating. Nobody wants to pursue their fitness goals in a place that uninspiring or where the staff isn’t eager to help. Second, clients want a gym that comes complete with state of the art fitness equipment and seasoned fitness professionals that can teach them the ropes. Other considerations that many gym-goers look into include the pricing and the ease of accessibility of the gym. What if we told you that there’s a gym in Downtown Austin, TX that meets these criteria and more? Would you want to try it out yourself and be the judge? If you answered yes, we welcome you to CrossFit Renew, a fitness center in Austin that has, since establishment, diligently served the community in Downtown Austin and beyond.

Renew offers personal training, group training, and nutritional coaching. Our biggest accomplishment is when we help our clients to transform their lives and achieve well-being in all aspects of their lives. If you’ve neglected your fitness and are constantly trying to gain control over your relationship with food, you’ll often find that other areas of your life are affected as well. For instance, you may find that you’re often low on energy and motivation, and lack the passion to pursue your dreams and hobbies, among others. By taking control of your physical body, you can regain control over your psychological and emotional states as well.

We typically schedule an initial consultation to understand you better, after which you’ll be paired with an experienced fitness consultant, personal trainer or nutritional coach who will walk with you throughout your fitness journey. Your personal trainer or nutritional coach will be your biggest source of support as you pursue your ideal weight or body, and will hold you accountable when you feel like slacking.

We offer group training sessions as well. These are quite the thrill and are popular with people who prefer the vibrancy and excitement of working out in a group. Want to try out one of our group training sessions? For only $20, you can attend a single group fitness class and see whether you like us.

If you’re in Downtown Austin, TX and looking for a fitness partner who cares, talk to us today!