Nutrition Challenge

Refuel 28-Day Nutrition Challenge

Last year we launched a nutrition challenge that set in motion some amazing habit changes for folks at the gym. Lots of you are still eating veggies with breakfast, paying more attention to your water intake and generally caring about how you fuel your body. With the CrossFit Open, the holidays and the rest of our lives right around the corner, we think that this is the perfect time to launch another Refuel nutrition challenge! No need to fix something that isn’t broken, so the challenge logistics will feel similar to last year’s – but with a few new, exciting additions!

Scroll down for more details, and join us for a Facebook Live sesh on Sunday, August 25th at 6pm on CrossFit Renew’s Facebook page for the full spread of details and some Q&A!

So what do I need to know?

Like last year, this challenge is a points-based system, and each participant will be granted access to the master tracker to help keep track of progress and points earned through daily and weekly challenges.


The Refuel 28-Day Challenge will run September 15th ’til October 11th.


Deadline to register is September 10th. You won’t want to miss this.


We’ve got an individual track and a team track designed to challenge you regardless of where you are in your nutrition journey.


Just you or teams of 4! Anyone can participate, not just members of the Renew Crew.


$99 per individual participant, or $275 per team.


We like to keep the mystery alive. Prizes for the top 3 winning teams are TBA.

How Can a Nutrition Challenge Help You?


Get accurate data about your body’s make up and composition

Accountability & Support

Get the ongoing support and accountability you need to ensure progress

Build Healthy Habits

Work to build healthy habits with targeted goals to maximize your results

Recipes & Meal Ideas

Our program gives you tons of healthy recipes and meal ideas

What’s included?

Both individual and team tracks come with pretty sweet perks. Check it out:




  • Initial consultation
  • Biometric testing (InBody scan)
  • Access to exclusive nutrition content
  • Direct accountability with nutrition coach
  • Post-challenge assessment and re-scan



$275 TEAM

  • Initial group consultation
  • Biometric testing (InBody scan)
  • Access to exclusive nutrition content
  • Direct accountability with nutrition coach
  • Post-challenge assessment and re-scan

And now a note from Lauren Bratcher

Refuel’s resident Nutrition Coach

Hey, Y’all! I’m Lauren. Nutrition coach here at CrossFit Renew, NASM certified personal trainer and lover of all things brunch. The health and wellness journey, with all its detours and potholes, is something that I am all too familiar with. My relationship with food throughout my life has been nothing short of “it’s complicated”. At times, I’ve given food the power to make me feel shameful and inadequate and, at other times, to make me feel comforted and fulfilled.

The reality is, food shouldn’t have this sort of influence in our lives and it’s taken me years to realize that. I want to help you regain control of your relationship with food and show you that food can be your ally instead of your enemy in this journey towards health and wellness. This is an important part of your story and I firmly believe that, as a team, we can work towards your specific individual goals – whatever they may be.

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