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Refresh, Renew, Reboot.

Got 6 weeks? Let’s reboot your fitness and start the new year strong.

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What is Reboot?

Looking to reboot your fitness routine, but hate making resolutions you know you will break? We’ve got you covered.

Reboot is a 6-week fitness challenge designed to help you reset, refresh, and renew your lifestyle so you can reach your fitness goals. Through intimate group  training 3 days a week, and exclusive nutrition coaching, we’ll help you break old habits and build the foundation for a successful new year. Reboot kicks off January 8th. You in?

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How to Sign up

4 Steps to Reboot Your New Year

Step 1: Book a Discovery Session

Book your free Discovery Session to meet with our professional fitness coaches

Step 2: Share Your Goals

We will take time to hear your story and talk with you about your fitness goals

Step 3: Learn About Reboot

Our coach will show you the gym and share how Reboot can help meet your goals

Step 4: Get Started

Show up, put the work in and start getting results

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What Should You Expect?

Benefits of Reboot

Goal Setting

Let us help you make goals and put in the work to get results.

Body Composition

Get body composition measurements before and after the 6-week challenge


Learn how eating right builds a strong foundation for an active lifestyle.

Group Training

Work with a fun and supportive community!

Escape the Routine

Get constantly varied workouts designed to help you escape your regular workout routine

Professional Coaches

Work with professional coaches who customize workouts to maximize your goals.

Schedule & Pricing

Our 6-week Reboot Challenge will start the week of January 8th. We will offer 2 classes:

Early Mornings: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at 6:30 AM
Evening & Weekend: Tuesday, Thursday at 6:30 PM & Saturday at 8:00 AM

You will get the opportunity to select which class time you want to attend at your Discovery Session!



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3x Per Week
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