Are you ready to Reboot your fitness in the new year?

We are looking for 15 individuals who want to get results and change their lifestyle!

Find out if you’re our perfect match!

Training Sessions

Are you able to attend 3 training sessions per week of high intensity bootcamp workouts?


Do you need accountability and guidance along the way?


Do you want guidance & counseling on your nutrition? We give you the tools that you need to succeed.


Are you an individual where your time is your most valuable resource?


Not afraid of commitment? We want you here to train regularly so you can truly see the results of your hard work.


Not looking to lose weight? No problem. This isn’t just a weight-loss program. We encourage all types of transformations.

Ready to get results?

What we do works when you put in the effort!

What do you get with Reboot?

  • InBody Biometric Scans at Start & End of Program
  • 3 Bootcamp Classes a Week
  • Nutrition Coaching & Accountability
  • Our Guide to Healthy Habits Guidebook
  • Goal Setting Session
  • A fun & encouraging environment
  • Dates  January 14th – February 22nd
  • Classes  M/W/F at 9 am 
  • Cost  Packages start at $199*

*Schedule a No Sweat Intro for details

Ready to take the next step?

Where does your journey begin?

1. No Sweat Intro

Your journey begins with an Intro Session to create a Customized Health & Fitness Program.

2. Prescription

We make an Exercise & Nutrition recommendation based upon your unique goals.

3. Program

We’ll introduce you to our bootcamp program, as well as outline our nutrition program.

4. Accountability

We provide Periodic Accountability & Check-ins to address your needs.

5. Goal Reviews

Quarterly Goal Reviews to make sure you are on track and reaching your goals.

Are you ready to get fit in the new year? 

Chelsea Montgomery

Reboot Coach

Chelsea was a competitive softball player for six years, joined CrossFit Renew as an athlete in 2018, and has been coaching bootcamps and functional fitness classes in Austin since 2016.Strengths: thrusters, hugs, tequilaWeaknesses: rowingKnown to show up to the gym in boots and a belt buckle. Class of 2014 – Whoop!

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