It's time to Retrain.

We believe fitness is an active way to promote healthy lifestyles so we designed this program to be for all teens regardless of their athletic ambitions! Retrain is a youth strength and conditioning program designed to build a solid foundation of fitness for junior high and high school teens.

What can
Retrain do
for teens?

Build strength and power

We teach athletes proper power and olympic lifting technique in order to maximize movement efficiencies and increase strength and power output.

Develop agility and coordination

We incorporate foundational gymnastic movements to allow athletes to develop better body awareness and refine motor skills across sports.

Improve stamina and endurance

We offer constantly varied, high intensity programming that pushes athletes to develop lasting stamina and endurance within their aerobic capacities.

Optimize performance and recovery

It's been proven that athletes who are physically strong and mobile are able to recover more efficiently in between trainings and thwart the risk of injury.

About our program

Why CrossFit?

CrossFit at its core is the ultimate strength and conditioning program. Using CrossFit as our jumping off point, we've built our program to give any athlete from any sport a solid foundation of fitness. The beauty of this method is that it’s not a specialized fitness program, but a deliberate attempt to optimize physical competence in all areas.

Retrain Details

We currently are starting a 6-week Retrain session. It will start October 20th and we will offer classes 3x week on Tuesday’s at 3:00 pm, Wednesday’s at 7:30 and Saturday’s at 10:00am. Session are 60 minutes long and will be a combination of strength training and movement pattern, as well as conditioning for endurance and stamina. Our focus in these sessions, and will be to help athletes grow in the 10 General Physical Skills — helping them become a more well-rounded athlete.

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