Coaches Corner with Brett: The Big Picture

What up Renew Crew! Coach Brett here.

Have you ever been so sore and tired from lifting and metcons that you just don’t wanna keep going back? Me too. I’m often reminded that my body is rapidly breaking down and unable to do the things it used to. I recover slower, the fight to get into the gym is increasingly difficult, my already slow metabolism seems to only get slower, etc.

But here’s the deal — we’re all aware that these things are part of life. Who’s actually shocked that your body begins to break down as you get older? Check this stat out: Did you know that 10 out of 10 people die? Crazy right?! Super positive vibes here, Coach.

Here’s why I mention that:  Life is short.

There will be a day, a day unknown to me, when I will breathe my last breath. I think about that day a lot. Not in a depressing way, but in a motivating way, because I want to live well right now. And as much as I want to live well in the here and now, I want to finish life well.

And that’s exactly what we want at CrossFit Renew, too. We want you to finish well.

Whether you’re currently in your 50’s, 60’s, or 70’s, or you’re a young buck in your 20’s – our goal is the same: we want you to be healthy enough to play with your grandkids. We want you to stave off heart disease and high blood pressure. We want you to be able to get in and out of chairs without assistance on your last days.

In part, that is why we do this.

Sure it’s fun to compete, the community is incredible, and the terrible/wonderful feeling of embracing the suck of a 15:00 dog fight with a barbell and a wooden box can be addictive and life-giving in the here and now, and as much as we want you to be able to compete in CrossFit competitions and see your fitness translate to other sports and activities outside the box — we want you to finish well the most.

Live with your last day in mind. Show up at the gym tomorrow thinking about that and you will be thankful you didn’t bail on this health and fitness thing because it was too hard. You’ll be glad you didn’t. So will your kids and grandkids.

We’re in this for the long haul with you!!

See you tomorrow!


Member Spotlight: Georgia Levin


Member Spotlight: Georgia Levin

This month’s member spotlight is probably one of our favorites (don’t even, she’s your favorite too). Grab a cozy corner, and let’s shine light on CrossFit Renew’s most precious angel Lululemon-wearing soul, Georgia Levin.

Q: How did you get into CrossFit and what is your favorite part about it?

A: I was introduced to Crossfit by my previous trainer , Valerie Hunt.  I had been with her for many years and she was the one who thought we should try something new. My favorite part of it is feeling like I am challenging my body and mind. When I leave the studio I feel stress free!

Q: What is one accomplishment in the gym that you’re most proud of?

A: I was very proud of myself when I got a couple of double-unders in a row for the very first time! And when I did hrusters with a 35lb bar. I am usually just happy that I can keep up with the rest of the group!

Q: What do you do besides slay all day in the gym? What’s your favorite part?

A: I work full time as a Realtor and really enjoy helping clients buy or sell a home. I also enjoy staging a home for sale. Relationships are important to me and I enjoy meeting new friends.

Q: Outside of work and working out, what’s your favorite pastime?

A: I am also on an Art committee and enjoy going on Artist visits to select art for our next exhibit. I also enjoy planning our opening receptions. Also, I love shopping and eating out!

Q: What is something about you that we would be surprised to know?

A: I enjoy being with young friends as it makes me feel younger!

Sweet Georgia, we’ll go shopping with you any day. Thanks for bringing such a kind energy into the gym every time you walk into it! We love having you around.


Coaches Corner with Sades: You ain’t cool, ‘til you pee your pants (Part 1 of, like, 3?)

Alert: This is gonna be the first of a few posts, because there’s a looooot of information out there about this topic and I don’t want to immediately lose you by sheer word count. I want to lose you the right way: you being bored.

Let us proceed.

I wanna get a few things straight before I dive into this very riveting topic about pee, pelvic floors, and pressure management:

  1. Growing and birthing a human is a damn miracle and all women should be given a lifetime achievement award.
  2. Sometimes we experience incontinence at 70 years old because of natural wear and tear, and sometimes we experience it at 20 years old because we’re strong and active but misled on how to stay safe through said activity. It just be like that sometimes.
  3. Peeing or leaking during exercise or exertion is common, but it is not normal. (I wrote about this last year some re: pregnancy, peep it.)

But contrary to popular belief, peeing while you workout (or sneeze or cough or generally exist) isn’t some rite of passage, or badge of honor for lifting heavy ass weight. It’s actually a sign of poor pressure management and/or a weak pelvic floor (which is different than pelvic floor dysfunction), and — gasp! — this issue isn’t exclusive to women who birth humans (though they are the leaders of this pack); both men and women of all shapes and sizes and fitness backgrounds can experience symptoms of a weak pelvic floor — and those symptoms can be caused by a whole heap of things.  

So what exactly is a pelvic floor and what is it responsible for and why should I care holy crap you’ve said the words “pelvic floor” so many times get to your point? Our pelvic floor is comprised of a hammock or dome-shaped group of muscles and ligaments located within the pelvis, and beyond bladder/bowel control and supporting women’s bodies during pregnancy and birth, our pelvic floor is responsible for working with the rest of your core to stabilize and protect your spine during everyday life, as well as exercise. So when we experience weakness in our pelvic floors we see incontinence as a common symptom — but as active humans who run and jump and push and pull and throw weight around, we may also be putting our spines at risk with our weak little muscle hammocks.

So, how do you know if you have a weak pelvic floor? Let’s run through a quick checklist. Do you regularly pee or leak when you:

  • Sneeze, cough, or laugh
  • Jump (single unders/double unders, box jumps, etc.)
  • Run (either during sprint sessions or long distance)
  • Lift heavy weight or max out a lift
  • Perform an explosive movement where you have to land at the bottom of a squat (cleans, squat snatches)

Among quite a few other more severe/personal symptoms. If you said yes to any of those bullets, you may have a weak pelvic floor. And guess what? It doesn’t go away on its own and — similar to all the other muscles in our bodies — if we don’t use them, we lose them. Just like we have to rehab a knee after ACL surgery, we have to treat this as a weakened body part and treat it with a rehab program.

Okay, tell me how.

I’d argue that the best thing we can do to help identify or mitigate pelvic floor problems — or even solve some that already exist — is to first see a pelvic floor physical therapist.

Yes, that is a real thing.

These therapists help you uncover the what and why of your pelvic floor weakness. They zero in on when it happens most, what you can do to prehab (“prehab” in that they are preventative exercises/measures given if, say, you are trying to get pregnant or are currently pregnant), rehab those muscles, and give you tactical ways to better manage your breath and internal bracing/pressure during workouts. I’ve been seeing the folks at Sullivan Physical Therapy and highly recommend them.

If seeing a medical professional is not in the cards for you right now, or you feel like you want to try some exercises on your own first, OR you aren’t necessarily experiencing weakness and you just want to be preventative — let’s set up a time to meet so we can walk through your symptoms and figure out a training plan to get those muscles right, and get ‘em tight.

You know where to find me.

Stay tuned for the next installment of this series, coming at some point, where we’ll talk about breathing strategies during heavy lifts and high intensity workouts in order to better manage the pressure in our core/midline and not dump all the work on our pelvic floors.

Member Spotlight: Evan and AJ

Despite having joined the gym around the same time, and beyond our staff believing they look kinda sorta alike, Evan and AJ are two separate individuals who are completely unrelated whatsoever, but because our staff is full of idiots who think they’re funny, we’ve decided to let you get to know them as a twosome.

Meet Evan:

Meet AJ

One thing they for sure have in common, though, is that they’re consistently the hardest workers in the room every time they walk through those doors. Take note, people!

Q: How did you hear about Renew and why did you decide to join?

Evan: I first heard about Crossfit Renew during a Financial Overview with a fellow member, Alex Morgan (go see him!). I was looking for a workout family, and a place that was welcoming to the new guy in the room. The Texas Flag on the wall didn’t hurt, either.

AJ: My wife found Renew first. With some changes in her job and becoming pregnant, she decided to follow a different workout program. But she was so complimentary of the staff that Renew was the first box I looked at once my schedule opened up and allowed me to start doing CrossFit again. I’ve done CrossFit off and on for the last 10 years and have always found it to be the most fun, challenging, and beneficial workout.  Above all, it pushes me like other workouts don’t.

Q: What is one of your proudest moments in the gym so far?

Evan: On a few occasions, I have finished a tough RX WOD with just a sliver of time remaining, and it usually involved the earlier finishers cheering me on to the end. While I was proud of finishing, I was most proud of the Renew community around me, pulling me up.

AJ: There haven’t been many, but I feel great when I can RX a WOD.  My body doesn’t do the same things it used to 10 years ago, so I’ve had to become okay with scaling workouts.  So anytime I can perform at the RX level, I’m extremely proud.

Q: What is one of your proudest moments outside of the gym?

Evan: Late last year, I finally became debt-free. There was a new sense of freedom that came with that, and I’m glad to share my journey with anyone that asks!

AJ: I’ve been looking at a lot of post-business school job opportunities. Though some aren’t the right fit or don’t have openings, I’m proud when they say I’m the kind of person they want to hire.  Being a good person and demonstrating that you can work hard still means something, so I’m proud when those traits are recognized in me.

Q: Tell us a funny story from college!

Evan: I was a cheerleader at LSU, and part of that job required frequent encounters with live broadcasts. During a nationally televised basketball game, an ESPN cameraman was filming right behind me during a team back flip, which I realized while upside down. The camera shattered, as did the self-control of the cameraman screaming obscenities on live television.

AJ: My buddies and I once took a spring break trip to Big Bend.  We didn’t know what we were getting into, so we were very surprised/upset to find that there were no swimming pools in the area and that liquor stores were few and far between.  Along with those spring break disappointments, my mom’s Jeep that I borrowed broke down, my best friend got sick and had to find a hospital hours away, and our site got demolished by animals while we were gone.  It was the worst trip ever, yet a funny one to look back at and remember now.

Q: What’s one thing about you that we would be surprised to know?

Evan: I am a terrible swimmer, to the point that swim lessons are in my 2019 plans.

AJ: I’m looking at opening a distillery.  I’ve immersed myself in the business for the last year and have so much yet to learn.  We’ll see if it ever materializes.

So biggest takeaways here: Evan can do a herkie and AJ is giving us free drinks for life as soon as that distillery opens up. Solid.

The Final Update: 19.5 + Awards!




We made it through the 2019 CrossFit Open alive and only slightly scathed! We are so, so proud of everyone — from the first timers to the masters veterans — we saw some amazing community moments unfold, and some crazy athletic feats emerge from folks just simply getting out of their comfort zones.

Thank you to everyone who came out to make these last five weeks the best ever — Austin Sports Therapy, Airrosti, Rebbl, Pearson Properties, Nicki Morgan’s jalapeno dip, Jess Guevara’s margs, and we’d like to especially thank New Skin Liquid Bandages for obvious 19.5-related reasons.

For the past couple of years, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to award some folks some key superlatives, as well as crown the gym champs in their respective categories. So, without further adieu, we bring you the finishing highlights from 19.5 and this year’s slew of winners.

Way to go, y’all!

19.5 Highlights:

  • Hroch finished exactly when Mat Fraser did, times two. So, he’s essentially twice the man Matty Fray is.
  • Zach, Drew, Laura, and Jamie all  finished the workout in a buzzer-beating RX fashion and boy was it exciting to watch.
  • McKenzie, Whitney, Geoffrey, and Gerry said RIP and goodbye to the skin on their hands and made the rig look like a scene straight outta Dexter.
  • Val Harmon  m u r d e r e d  this workout scaled, and, later, found out exactly (the hard way) why we wrap our thumbs around the bar when doing pull-ups.
  • Shannon Frawley also demonstrated some serious athleticism and finished this workout scaled, but wanted to try her ~hand~ at RX, so after a few days gave it a go and got 33 reps!
  • Sadie didn’t go into labor during any part of 19.5.
  • Sally Mayo did ALL of her scaled thrusters unbroken, the whole time, and frankly we all should strive to be like Sally Mayo.

Before we go on to the final stats and winners circle, let’s take a minute and recognize all these badass first timers!

Ladies: Lindsay, Ciera, Chloe, Lauren, Kelsi, Kelly, Tara, Michelle Kwan, Frances, Meredith, and Elizabeth!!

Fellas: Alex, Chad (it’s about time, Chadley), Aiden, Michael Burton, Bryan Payne, Jared, Michael Zimmerman, Blake, Paul, Qasim, Dino, and Kevin!

Look at all those names, y’all! Some of these folks literally only started CrossFit a month or so before the Open began, and it only took weeks of convincing and a promise that they wouldn’t perish. Amazing. We are so proud of y’all!

Alright, after all that, let’s see what the 19.5 scoreboards looked like:


Men’s RX


Ladies’ RX

Men’s Scaled

Ladie’s Scaled

Men’s Masters

Ladies Masters

And, drumroll please, the final, overall stats and standings from the last five weeks of work!

  • Fittest Man, RX: Justin Hroch (6 points)
  • Fittest Woman, RX: Jamie Kampman (10 points)
  • Fittest Man, Scaled: Aiden Romano (54 points)
  • Fittest Woman, Scaled: Shannon Frawley (59 points)
  • Fittest Man, Masters: Paul Smith (133 points)
  • Fittest Woman, Masters: Sally Mayo (167 points)

Congratulations to you six for taking home the proverbial gold in their category! But now, the real awards:

  • Worst Rip: Gerald Flynn
  • Best Rester: Philip Edsel
  • Judge’s favorite: Paul Smith
  • Sweatiest Beast: Zach Lozano
  • Chalk Monster: Becca Matimba
  • Loudest Grunter: Becca Harris
  • Most Spirited: Jared Crowley
  • Most Aggressive: Whitney Furrh
  • Best Effort, Dudes Division: Bryan Payne
  • Best Effort, Ladies Division: Shannon Frawley
  • First Timer: Alex Morgan

If your name is on here and you weren’t there for the awards ceremony Friday night, find a coach and demand that they give you your very official awards certificate. You earned it, champ.

We cannot emphasize enough how stinking proud we are of all of you. You are why The Open is great — not because highly skilled elite athletes are working out on TV, no, but because new people, seasoned people, people who are nervous, people who are confident, and people who aren’t entirely sure what they’re getting into come together for the sake of bettering their friendships and fitness.

Thank you for stepping in to judge, bring treats, cheer each other on, keep the competition light and fun, and keeping those hungry butts starvin’.

Until next Spring — sayonara Open season!

19.4 Highlights: Burpees and barbells and muscle ups OH MY

How exciting was 19.4!!

First time muscle-uppers, first time kipping pull-uppers, and what? Built-in rest? That was probably the most exciting part of the whole thing if we’re all just sitting around being honest.
This one was a fun one to watch: good old fashioned hard-as-you-can for that first bit, and then some really great efforts on the gymnastics/technical portions. And you just can’t beat our crowd — everyone was so supportive. The Open! It’s the best!

Here are some of the highlights:

  • First and foremost, Nicki Morgan’s creamy jalapeno dip was incredible. If you missed it, well, that’s because Sadie and Becca Harris ate it all.
  • Jamie had never done a muscle up before Friday, and then banged out 10 in the workout… so.
  • Becky did it alongside Shirtless Wonder Russ before FNL and got 3 muscle ups the first round… but then did it again and got not only all the muscle ups in the first round, but all the snatches and a muscle up into the second round!! Worth it.
  • And to continue the ~fit femme~ trend, Laura, Athena, and Jamie repped some out, and Whitney and Julie were thiiiiiiis close to getting their first one. They’re gonna get it soon… we can feel it.
  • Zach beat Hroch! NEED I SAY MORE!
  • Jared has been working on his pull-ups, and he repped out 20!! Good work, Jared!
  • Andi, Shannon, Michelle Kwan and Sadie’s pregnant ass finished the entire scaled workout in under the time cap and lived to tell about it.

And here are the results from 19.4. To see the full leaderboard, click here and scroll through!

Men RX

Women RX

Men Scaled

Women Scaled

Men Masters

Women Masters

Alright y’all.

One. More. Week.

Let’s finish strong, and cap the night with some fun and food — our afterparty kicks off at the end of the final heat! Pearson Properties is gonna hook us up with some food (there are rumors of Chick-fil-a nugs…), we’ve got RX Bars to hand out like Oprah hands out Chrysler sedans, Restore Cryotherapy and Austin Sports Therapy will be there to help us both prep and recover, and Rebbl is coming back out to hand out more of their bottled goodness.

Bring a friend or five and see you under the Friday Night Lights!!

19.3 recap and highlights!

Aaaaand now we’ve all found something to work on for the next year…

This workout, though short, was no joke when it came to muscle fatigue. But as always, we bore witness to some total rockstars doing total rockstar stuff. Check it out!

Peep these highlights:

  • Sadie got ballsy and dove straight into the bear crawls from 50 strict presses and nearly took a tumble, but caught herself ‘cause she is a strong and agile pregnant person.
  • Val Harmon got to the HSPU with like 4 minutes left in the workout, and spent the entire 4 minutes working on a strict scaled HSPU. After many attempts, she finally got one beautiful one. Yay, Val!!
  • Blake Choisnet takes the cake for making the most noise/effort while doing step-ups.
  • McKenzie, Laura, Athena and Jamie got through some of the HSPU RX, and after attempting on Friday and working on them over the weekend, Ashley Hurt also repped some out!
  • Jon Wickes re-did the whole thing and got a whopping 22 more reps!
  • Chloe originally thought she was only going to be able to get 5 scaled HSPU, but then banged out 20 because of course she did.
  • Bryan Payne snagged 4 HSPU out of this workout, despite being no-repped by Hroch, like, 1,000 times. But per usual, he still came out smiling.
  • And last but not least, Jared Crowley, everyone’s favorite cheerleader, got not only his first HSPU — but his first three! With his dad there to cheer him on!


And check out the current standings from 19.3:

RX Men

RX Women

Scaled Men

Scaled Women

Masters Men

Masters Women

For the overall leaderboard, click here

What a great week! For all of you who attempted HSPU, but just couldn’t get them, don’t be discouraged! This is why we encourage people to do The Open: so get comfortable with the uncomfortable, find those areas that need the most improvement, and set personal goals to be better by next year.

19.4 is just around the corner… let’s stay strong as we head into the finish line.  Get to the gym, stretch, eat well, drink water, and let’s get after it for 19.4!

19.2 Highlight Recap!

Week 2: complete! Raise your hand if you thought those squat cleans weren’t going to be as heavy as they were…

*raises hand*

19.2 was, as expected, a total blast! This one was tough for a lot of us because it was hard to decide between RX and scaled. Some of us have a few double unders sometimes, some of us have toes to bar in singles, some of us have a motor and some of us… do not.

For those of us in the sometimes or singles camp, The Open is always this fine line between deciding to push the skills we’ve been working on RX, or choosing to scale to crank our motors and complete a workout. But as the magic of The Open would have it, people got their double unders, people strung toes to bar together, and people lifted more than they thought they could for 5, 10, 15 reps!

Peep some of these magic moments:

  • Alex Morgan did the workout scaled during FNL and finished the ENTIRE five rounds in just over 15 minutes. He also re-did it on Monday RX to test his double under limits and made it to 139 reps!
  • Hroch got into the fourth round RX and really showed his Dad Strength™
  • Laura and Jamie both made it out of the 8:00 cap and made the 145# cleans look some type of way.
  • Kaylin, Michelle Kwan, Val, Jess Guevara, and Shannon blew their previous squat clean PRs outta the water by lifting 5-20lbs more than their previous maxes FOR REPS.
  • Sally, Vasko, Georgia, Frances, and Mike Rondini absolutely crushed it in the masters division!
  • Ashley Hurt managed to crank out 42 toes to bar in 8:00, despite never having done RX toes to bar in a workout! Turns out she does have hip flexors!
  • Ciera finished the scaled workout in ~16:00 and we are not worthy.


And here are the current standings across all leaderboards:

Men’s RX

Women’s RX

Men’s Scaled

Women’s Scaled


What a freakin’ weekend. Great job, y’all. That one was nasty. Now rest those legs and breath easy knowing double unders, rowing, T2B, and wall balls are out of the way, and let’s get ready for this Friday! Also, if you are interested in the worldwide open standings, check out the CrossFit Games leaderboard. Some of these dudes are no joke!


  • Sign up for a heat to compete in this week’s Friday Night Lights, AND sign up for a slot to judge.
  • If you know you can’t make Friday — take your name off the sheet so someone can swipe your spot and sign up for a makeup slot on either Saturday or Monday. If neither of those work then reach out to a coach to coordinate a time to get your WOD on.
  • Show up 15-20 minutes BEFORE your heat start time to adequately warm up. It’s important we stick to the schedule so everyone works out in a timely manner and no one’s competing alone at 8pm like a sad sack.
  • Tag us in your stories on Insta and we’ll share your stuff! @crossfitrenew is the name, funny gifs are our game.

Member Spotlight: Anna Grimes

She’s an 11:30a regular, loves lifting heavy things, is a wonderful photographer, and is pretty new to the Austin area. Please give a warm welcome to: Anna Grimes! This month’s Member Spotlight. 

Q: How long have you been doing CrossFit and what’s your favorite thing about it? 

A: 1.75 years. I joined a box in Maryland in the summer of 2017, and then sought out a Crossfit home in Austin like seven days after moving here last summer because I needed something that felt familiar and would also help me meet people. When I started Crossfit, my favorite thing about it was overcoming fear. I was scared of everything, I didn’t know how to do any of the lifts or gymnastics movements, and I had to face my fears about those things – getting hurt, looking stupid, failing, and not being able to breathe – every time I showed up. Now that I know how to do some of those things better, my two favorite things about Crossfit are the way it helps me listen to my body, and the community – the people at Renew are great and have been the most welcoming crew I’ve ever met!


Q: How did you get into photography and why?

A: In college, I took a film photography class in Italy while I was studying abroad, and I fell in love. I took a few more classes for fun, but I thought I was going to go into a career in music or be a wedding planner, and then instead took a hard left turn and got a job working at Crate&Barrel after college. But I was reading wedding blogs and and learning how to use a digital camera better in my free time, and knew that was something I really wanted to do. So I found jobs working with other photographers, learning from them while I built my own business. And for six years, I got to be part of some incredibly special moments and celebrate love with amazing people. The thing I loved about weddings was the creative energy that went into them, and how for one day, everyone got to bring some kind of dream to life. Now, I want to be able to help more people find ways to bring their creative visions to life, whether that’s by making fun art prints that can live on walls or helping other creative business owners get photos that tell their stories in a fun and fascinating way.

Q: What is one life accomplishment you’re really proud of?

A: I’m proud of saying yes to adventures, even when they seem too big to take on at the outset. Jumping in over my head is something I find myself doing anytime I start feeling safe and comfortable, and that’s lead to a bunch of really cool things I’m proud of, like hiking 80 miles in a week through Scotland and Ireland, completing a 200 hr yoga teacher certification in Mexico in three weeks, doing a photo shoot in a field of flowers, renovating a house, and starting a creative business.

Q: You just got a PUPPY! What’s the best and worst thing about being a new dog mom?

A: Oh man, the puppy happened because I was starting to feel safe and comfortable and we’ve had him for two weeks and even though he’s the cutest little bundle of energy, I’ve reached the place where I’d love to know what past me was thinking!! The hardest thing is self-care, like sleep and showers, when the puppy just wants to be next to me at all hours of the day and barks if he feels left out. The best thing is having this wiggly little joyful being as a companion – I love that he makes me get outside more and is giving me a reason to find new places to love. Last week we took him to Walnut Creek and he had the best time bounding over all the rocks and running through the water. Watching dogs run around and play is just such a happy way to spend an afternoon.

Q: You’re pretty new to Austin…what’s your favorite part about being here so far? What’s been the hardest about moving?

A: The sunshine is hands down my favorite thing. I love being able to lay in a hammock in February and all the vitamin D makes me so happy after trying to escape East Coast winters for years. Also have to say the people here are delightful…I’ve met some of the most genuine, wholehearted people since moving here, and I already know my life is better because they’re in it!

The hardest part of moving was letting go of all the people and places I loved in Maryland – I grew up there and had some deep roots that I didn’t realize I’d have to let go of in order to build a new home somewhere else, and some of the things that got left behind aren’t easily replaceable. There’s a C.S. Lewis quote that has become a mantra for me over the past few months – “There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind” – and so far, I think that’s been true!

Anna, praise sweet baby Jesus for your spontaneity and willingness to try new things, because if it weren’t for that, well, you’d be at some other lame box and we’d never know your joy. We’re so glad you’re here!

The Open: 19.1 Recap

Under the Friday Night LIghts: 19.1 Recap!

We did it! Week one is in the books. Now, we’re not saying it was the most ~lit~ first FNL we’ve ever had, but let’s just say those lights were bright last Friday night. If you missed it, well, you’re the worst, and here’s a quick recap of the action, as well as current standings:


  • Daddy Romano came to watch his pride and joys, Ari and Aiden, compete head-to-head. Without shame, he took many pictures and cheered very loudly and was cheesing the whole time. Formal request for everyone to bring their parents always.
  • Three cheers for Michelle Kwan, Bryan Payne, Lauren Bratcher, and sweet baby angel Georgia Levin — who are competing in FNL for the very first time during the 8am class!! Champs.
  • Qasim, aka this month’s spotlight member, is also in it for the first time and was very nervous going into his heat Friday night — but he didn’t die and totally crushed it.
  • The office transformed into a pretty hazardous jungle gym for all the tiny children.
  • DJ LaRae spun some sick beats and fired off some incredible jokes, per usual.
  • Our pals at Airrosti came to hang with us throughout the night — helping folks both get warm and recover, and even fed us snacks and drinks! We love them.
  • Jess brought her margs. That is all there is to say about that.

And here are the standings:

Women’s RX

Men’s RX

Women’s scaled

Men’s scaled

And now, onto week 2.

Crew, us coaches are so proud of you! We have 4 more weeks of fun, so remember to use your weekly workouts wisely; that is, scale appropriately to avoid injury or overexertion, fuel your body well and often, drink all the water, and stretch, stretch, stretch.

See you on the mats!