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Flowga by MobileAthlete

In a perfect world, CrossFitters would take their mobility training as seriously as they take their strength training. We know CrossFit in and of itself is not dangerous, but an imbalance in your body can be. Flowga is a 4 weeks starting October 15th, that focuses on movement therapy, mobility drills, and recovery flows to optimize your performance and help you crush those asana-kicking WODs.


Dates: October 15th – November 17th
Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30am (30 minutes). Saturdays at 7:15am (45 minutes)
Cost: $89
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Olympic Lifting

If you’re the type who enjoys long, cardio-intensive chippers with wall balls, burpees, running, or something gymnasty, chances are your deadlift, back squat, and snatches could use some work. Enter: Russ. During this weightlifting-centric series, we’ll give you the opportunity to fine-tune your Olympic technique, as well as build strength. Because if the bar ain’t bending, you’re pretending.

Our goal by the end of the 9-week series is for you to see significant improvements in your lifts — moving more efficiently and hitting new PRs. More details below!


Dates: April 14th – June 11th (9 weeks, 24 classes total)
Time: Mondays, Thursdays at 5:30pm, and Saturdays at 8:00 am for Open Gym homework (90 minute classes)
Cost: $224
This class is limited to 12 spots, so get in early!
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