Vegetables are friends AND food

Vegetables are friends AND food Most of us can probably agree that an array of colorful fruit and vegetables are foundational for a well-balanced and nutrient-dense diet (Carnivore dieters, we can chat later). However, veggie knowledge and veggie intake are

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Member Spotlight: Susan Davison

Last year, after many months of many friends trying their best to get her to try CrossFit, Susan finally succumbed to peer pressure. And boy are we glad she did! This mom of 3 comes to do some serious work

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Member Spotlight: Thomas Jung

Member Spotlight: Thomas Jung Haaaaave you met Thomas?  Q: How did you get into CrossFit and why did you stick with it?  A: I have a horrible brain for years and dates. I got into Crossfit maybe 4 or 5

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5 Sure-fire Signs That You’re a Human

5 Sure-fire Signs That You’re a Human With the continued COVID-19 conversations, the civil unrest swirling all around us, and the general state of our social and political climate — it may be fair to say that our humanness is

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We Are Renew Fitness

We are Renew Fitness: a response to our worlds becoming undone Since we opened our doors in 2012, we’ve promised to be a gym “for anyone, and everyone.” It was our tagline then, it’s a core value of ours now,

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Grocery Store Science

Things like store geography/layout, colorful packaging, and product placement are intentionally designed to influence our experience and our spending. Here are just a few tips and tricks… … Read More

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