4 ways to transform your turkey-day leftovers

4 Ways to Transform Your Turkey-day Leftovers If you’re reading this, it means you’ve made it to the other side of the Thanksgiving Day gauntlet. Bellies have been filled, laughs have been had, and memories have been made. If

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Member Spotlight: Mitch Lango

Member Spotlight: Mitch Lango Mitch is the strong, sassy type who works REALLY hard and loves a challenge. Both working out with and coaching him is an absolute treat. Get to know him a little bit better: Q: Why

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Your 2020 Holiday Sur-thrival Guide

Your 2020 Holiday Sur-thrival Guide Somehow — in the slowest, fastest turn of events — the holiday season is already here. And if you’re looking through your 2020 goggles, well, there’s a chance you’re just hoping to survive until

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Member Spotlight: Ramya

Member Spotlight: Ramya Pratyusha Loves avoiding weight on the bar, hates burpees, moved to Texas from the Northeast and considers 60 degrees “freezing”. Suffice it to say, Ramya is every coach’s favorite athlete, so sorry to the rest of

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Respecting your Capacities: Part 3 Range

Respecting your Capacities: Part 3 Range Ahhh yes, range of motion. For some, that of Gumby. For others, a stone statue. In Dr. Colin’s third installment of “Respecting your Capacities”, he addresses how range of motion specifically can impact

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Member Spotlight: Luis Antopia

Member Spotlight: Luis Antopia This is Luis: the quiet, but hilarious type who — without fail — will ask to cancel his membership after every hard workout.  Enjoy: Q: Why did you start CrossFit? A: I started CrossFit because

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Member Spotlight: Jordan Clarke

Member Spotlight: Jordan Clarke Jordan (on the right) is a recent Austin transplant and has jumped right into Renew’s community! She is consistent, she is strong, and she is a constant encouragement to everyone around her. Strap in for

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